Just What Am I Paying a Home Inspector For?

Many home buyers wonder why they need to pay the extra money for a home inspection. Those costs can really add up while purchasing a home, so you may be asking yourself: Is it really worth it? The resounding answer is: Yes! Let our staff at Americas Choice Inspections tell you the value of a home inspection from one of our pro team members.

Paying for a Home Inspection1. Leverage

When purchasing a home, you have very little margin for negotiations after going under contract. However, when you get a home inspection, you can legally request for repairs or other concessions to account for issues within the home. Remember you can only request repairs if the issues show up on the home inspection.

2. Peace of mind

Buying a house is a big deal, filled with much uncertainty. However, minimize your risk (and your anxiety) by getting a home inspection and knowing all you can about the house. In addition to a regular home inspection, you can also add on mold testing, radon inspection, and more.

3. Ability to plan

Most home inspections focus on the big-money items, such as HVAC, foundation, structure, roof, windows, and so on. However, our inspectors will also note any smaller defects or repairs that you can anticipate in the next few years. For example, the water heater may be functioning well but getting older, so you may not decide to ask to have it replaced, but rather you can begin putting aside some money for when it does quit.

4. Resources moving forward

At Americas Choice, you get some extras along with your home inspection that can make home ownership even easier. For example, with a residential inspection, you also get perks like “Ask the Experts” mobile app, 24/7 property emergency phone support, discounted locksmith rekey programs, and more.

Schedule your inspection

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photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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