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Specialty Inspections for Your Home

Whether you’re just moving into a home or have been there for a while, make sure no underlying concerns exist that could be harmful to family and friends. Besides full-service home inspections and commercial assessments, the team at Americas Choice Inspections also offers specialty testing in Charlotte and the surrounding areas which can be ordered individually or with other services. Contact us at (888) 551-3831 to schedule an inspection in Mooresville, Winston Salem and the Triad area, Rock Hill, and the surrounding areas.

Termite Inspection Service Charlotte NC


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Radon Testing Service Charlotte NC


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Mold Testing Service Charlotte NC


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Infrared Imaging Service Charlotte NC


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Well and Water Quality Service Charlotte NC


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Pool and Spa Inspection Service Charlotte NC


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Sprinkler Systems Inspection Service Charlotte NC


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Sanitization Service Charlotte NC


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Make Sure Your Only Guests Are the Ones You Want

All of our skilled inspectors have passed stringent North Carolina licensing procedures with vast experience in wood-destroying insects, such as termites and other pests. Other requested specialty inspections include radon testing and mold sampling.

FHA, VA, and USDA loans require water testing for nitrite, nitrate, and lead. Vacant homes should have the water supply flushed 24 hours prior to well-water testing. After the water supply system has been flushed, it should not be used for eight hours prior to the lead test. Testing for bacteria should be performed Monday through Thursday due to lab requirements.

Moving into a house with a lawn irrigation system? Let Americas Choice Inspections evaluate its condition. We will inspect the system and note any deficiencies and necessary repairs.

Americas Choice Inspections will conduct a visual inspection checking the major components and operational conditions of the in-ground pool/spa.

Meth leaves behind a dangerous residue, especially harmful to children.

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