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Since 2009, Americas Choice Inspections has been serving the Charlotte, NC, area with our exceptional home inspection services. Take advantage of our sanitation services as well! Schedule service today by calling (888) 551-3831. As one of the premier sanitation companies in the area, we are more than happy to provide this service for your home or business.

Home Sanitization Services

Give your family the gift of better health by eliminating cold, flu, and other dangerous germs in your home with our highly effective sanitation services. We use an EPA/CDC certified product that is proven, trusted, and cost-effective. Using the power of cross-activated ClO2 with our solution, we disinfect your home more effectively than any products available on the market today.

Benefits of our Charlotte-area sanitization services include:

  • Destruction of germs, bacteria, and viruses
  • Mold remediation through neutralizing mold spores
  • Removal of pre-existing odors
  • Sanitization of your HVAC ventilation and ductwork system


Sanitation Services for Your Commercial Business

Keep your employees healthy, safe, and happy with our sanitization services for commercial properties. Not only will our CDC-approved products kill germs such as cold and flu viruses, but it will also offer your staff a clean environment with disinfected work surfaces. Make your office a safe and healthy place to work by providing these benefits:

  • Infection control
  • Eradication of germs, bacteria, and viruses
  • Sanitized and safe working environment
  • Reduced losses due to decrease in sick days

Protect Your Home with These Services

If you are purchasing a home with a pool/spa, are suspicious there’s mold in the home, or wish to know the condition of the well water, look no further than the home inspection services of Americas Choice. Our professional inspectors are well-trained, certified, and receive ongoing education in their respective fields of expertise. Protect your investment and your family with these services below:

Pre-listing inspection

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New construction/1-year warranty inspection

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Termite and pest control

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Radon testing

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Mold testing

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Infrared thermal imaging inspection

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Well/water quality testing

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Pool/spa inspection

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Sprinkler system assessment

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Choose Americas Choice Today

As one of the leading sanitation companies in Charlotte, Americas Choice makes it our business to protect your family from harmful contaminants. Don’t let your home or business be a source of illness any longer. Schedule our sanitization service today by calling (888) 551-3831. We proudly serve Charlotte and the nearby areas of Mooresville, Winston Salem, and all surrounding communities.

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