When you’re ready to buy a house in or around Mooresville, do it the right way with a home inspection from Americas Choice Inspections. A comprehensive assessment by a skilled home inspector may just save you from a financial disaster in the future. Schedule an inspection online now, or call us at (704) 504-9798 for Charlotte or (336) 306-5498 for the Triad area to speak with one of our trained staff.

Whether you need a termite inspection, a mold inspection, or a comprehensive assessment, we’ll help identify the right test for your home. Our licensed and insured professionals offer excellent service with a personal touch.

Home Inspections for Peace of Mind

During residential inspections, we go from room to room, evaluating the structure, foundation, all the major systems, components, and built-in appliances. We also offer a 90-day warranty through the Home Owners Network and will issue a detailed report the next morning.

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Whether you want a pre-drywall inspection or an assessment prior to listing a home for sale, we’ll accommodate your needs. Our sister company even does commercial inspections in Mooresville and beyond.

Termite Inspection and Other Specialty Assessments

Don’t let pests and environmental issues ruin your dream home. Americas Choice can test for evidence of any invaders and advise as to the next step. Does the home smell musty or, worse yet, do you think a former tenant may have been using it as a meth lab? Our specialty services include meth testing and mold inspection. Protect your family’s health and find out for sure if remediation is necessary before putting pen to paper.

Resources for Homeowners

The first time the luster of home ownership wears off — usually when something breaks — check our resources page to see if the problem is addressed in one of our DIY videos. You may also find our FAQ page handy when hiring a home inspector. Find answers to several questions we commonly get about home inspections in the Mooresville and Winston Salem and the Triad area areas.

When buying or selling a home, be sure to count on Americas Choice Inspections. A professional home inspection will help the journey of home ownership be a smoother one. Hear what our happy customers have to say about us in Mooresville, and then contact us at (704) 504-9798 for Charlotte or (336) 306-5498 for the Triad area to schedule an appointment.