Pre-purchase Home Inspection

The Most Common Findings in an Inspection Report

Buying a home can be a scary proposition. Are you getting a good deal? Are there hidden issues that could turn your dream home into a nightmare? How can you be sure your picture-perfect home doesn’t have mold, termites, or radon? Finding a trustworthy, qualified, and experienced inspector can help put your mind at ease and can ensure that you are getting exactly what you are paying for. With American’s Choice Inspections, you’re getting all of this and more. While finding a trustworthy inspector is important, having a general understanding of what to look for in a report is a good idea. Here are two of the most common findings in inspection reports that are good to keep an eye out for when buying a home.

Common Issues in an Inspection Report

Moisture and Drainage

The most common defect detected during the inspection phase is moisture and drainage. This is the leading cause of dry rot, major structural damage, and toxic mold. It is important that grading of the property slopes away from the home. The roof must be inspected and be watertight. Plumbing throughout the home must be free from leaks. These criteria must be met, or the results will be catastrophic. Look for the following indicators:

  • Moisture stains around the ceiling, walls, or windows
  • Worn roof
  • Water ponding under or by the foundation

Improper Electrical Wiring

Depending on the age of the house, improper electrical wiring can be a common finding on an inspection report. A common electrical wiring problem that is found is an outlet with reversed polarity. Reversed polarity is when the “HOT” and “NEUTRAL” wires are placed on the improper terminal on the outlet. Correcting reversed polarity is a fairly simple task but can be extremely costly if not corrected. Another common improper electrical wiring issue is double taps within the electrical breaker box. This is when there are two electrical circuits/feeds attached to a single breaker. This is considered a fire hazard if not corrected.

While these are two of the more common findings on an inspection report, there are many more potential issues to uncover. With the professionals at America’s Choice Inspections, you can rest assured that these issues and more will be identified and addressed. Contact us today at (704) 504-9798 if you have any questions or to schedule your home inspection.

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