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Top 10 Reasons Why a Home Inspection Is Worth the Investment

Buying a home is one of life’s most expensive purchases for most people. Future homeowners should not take a chance on buying a problem-riddled home. Instead, schedule a complete house assessment with Americas Choice Inspections to gain the information you need to make an informed purchase. Check out our 10 reasons why a home inspection is worth it.

Benefits of a Home Inspection
1. To Make an Informed Decision

Within one business day of the home inspection, we provide our clients with a comprehensive report of our findings. This report reveals critical information about the condition of the home, thereby informing buyers of maintenance and repair needs. Buyers are empowered to proceed with confidence (or caution) with this information in hand.

2. Increased Safety

Our home inspectors are scrupulous. Thus, if there is a safety concern in the home, we will find and disclose it in the inspection report.  Furthermore, we provide other valuable specialty services, including radon testing, mold testing, and well & water quality inspections. These services allow buyers to protect the safety and well-being of their loved ones, as well as negotiate the cost of mitigation services.

3. Identify Illegal Additions

A home inspection also reveals whether new home additions were completed legally. If additions were performed without a permit, the new homeowner will be held responsible for fixing and financing areas that do not meet code. Being made aware of these issues in advance could save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

4. Protection from Hazardous Fixer-Uppers

Americans are increasingly captivated with the idea of restoring historical homes. But don’t be fooled by their charm. Neglected homes are frequently infested with mold, termites, and pests. Thus, when buying a fixer-upper, a home inspection is more important than ever. Likewise, specialty inspections such as mold, termite, and pest inspections are well worth the cost.

5. Negotiating Power

A home inspection report provides buyers with the power of negotiation. The report empowers buyers to ask for a reduced sale price on the house, or for repairs to be made by the seller prior to closing.

Schedule an Inspection

Stay tuned for our next post to learn about the remaining five benefits of home inspections. In the meantime, call Americas Choice at (888) 551-3831 to schedule an inspection. We proudly serve clients in the Charlotte, Triad, and Triangle areas.




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