Just What Am I Paying a Home Inspector For?

Many home buyers wonder why they need to pay the extra money for a home inspection. Those costs can really add up while purchasing a home, so you may be asking yourself: Is it really worth it? The resounding answer is: Yes! Let our staff at Americas Choice Inspections tell you the value of a home inspection from one of our pro team members.

3 FAQs about Home Inspections

New home buyers often get intimidated when it comes time for the all-important home inspection. The process is all new to you, so it’s natural to have a number of questions about what to expect and what to do moving forward. At Americas Choice Inspections, we do our best to answer your questions and set your mind at ease throughout the inspection process. Here are a few of the most-common questions we get from our clients.

6 Tips for Home Buyers

During the spring and summer months, the real estate market starts hopping! It’s a popular time to purchase a home, especially if you have kids and want to make the move during the summer break. Plus, no one wants to move during the fall holidays or the dead of winter. If you’re one of the home buyers playing the summer real-estate game, you want to have every advantage on your side. Therefore, consider these few home-buying tips from our crew here at Americas Choice Inspections.

What Is Radon Testing?

Many customers who contact Americas Choice Inspections understand the value of a traditional home inspection. They know how vital it is to their home-buying or home-selling experience. However, we have found that radon testing is not as well known. In fact, many people don’t even know what radon is.If you’re one of these customers, don’t fret. Our team at Americas Choice is here to tell you all about radon testing and why it’s valuable to your residential inspection process.

5 Questions to Ask a Home Inspector

When you’ve found a North Carolina home you love, you’re ready to do everything you can to get the keys and start moving in. Already, you’re dreaming about paint colors and where to put the furniture. But before you get too far ahead of the real-estate process, you have to complete a home inspection. You might be tempted to breeze right through it, but you want to take your time, hire the right inspector, and ask plenty of questions to protect your investment.At Americas Choice Inspections, we recommend that all home buyers ask a variety of questions so you can feel comfortable with your decisions.

3 Reasons to Get Mold Testing

You walk into a home and something just smells…old. Possibly musty. You can’t quite lay a finger on it, but you know that there’s something amiss. Could it be mold? When you’re looking at a prospective home, you don’t want to wonder whether a house has mold issues. You need to know for sure by getting a mold inspection by professionals like our team at Americas Choice Inspections. Here are three reasons why a mold inspection is a valuable asset to homebuyers.

Protect Your Investment with a Home Inspection

Buying a home in the Charlotte, NC, area is a big deal. You’re investing a significant amount of money into your very own piece of North Carolina, and you want to protect that real-estate investment and your family. One of the best ways to do just that is with a home inspection from Americas Choice Inspections.

How To Tell Your Home Has Termites

Many North Carolina homebuyers fear termite damage in their new homes—and rightly so. Termites can cause significant damage that you can’t see, so you want to know whether the property shows signs of these pests before purchasing it. But just how can you know whether the property has termites or termite damage? Let our crew at Americas Choice Inspections give you a few tips.

The Value of a Home Inspection

When you’re purchasing a new home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the expenses. In addition to financing your home, you also have to consider utilities’ hookups, moving truck rental, termite inspections, closing costs, and, of course, the home inspection. Even though it might be tempting to forego the inspection to save some cash, don’t do it. The home inspection is too valuable.

Why Should I Get Radon Testing?

Home-buying can be a tedious process. Many homebuyers want to get through the home-inspection process as quickly as possible and avoid any specialty add-ons. However, our team at Americas Choice Inspections urges our customers to consider the value of a radon inspection.