Home and Business Sanitization

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe with Professional Sanitization Services

Sanitizing your home or business is a monumental task. Bacteria and viruses can cling to a surface for hours or days. Similarly, mold spores can live in the air indefinitely, causing ongoing allergic reactions and health problems for anyone who inhales them. Protect the health and well-being of your loved ones with professional sanitization services from Americas Choice Inspections.

Home and Business Sanitization

Sanitization Services for Sellers

When it’s time to sell your home, put your best foot forward with home sanitization services from Americas Choice. A single treatment effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses, and airborne mold spores from the home. This simple and effective process leaves your home clean and free of odors, making it all the more attractive to potential buyers. 

Sanitization Services for Buyers

Likewise, sanitization services provide peace of mind for new homeowners. Moving into a new home always requires cleaning. However, sanitizing your new home is more important than ever for protecting the health of your family. Rather than spending hours cleaning surfaces with harmful chemicals, allow Americas Choice to sanitize your entire home with our highly effective cleaning solution. When we’re through, you can rest assured that your family is safe because any residual germs from previous tenants are effectively eliminated. 

Sanitization Services for Commercial Businesses

Keeping your employees and customers healthy and safe is equally as important as protecting your family. Our sanitization services disinfect work surfaces and eliminate airborne particulates in a matter of minutes. As a result, employees feel more satisfied with their work environment and enjoy better health. In turn, our clients enjoy fewer losses due to a decrease in sick days. 

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Americas Choice is one of the premier home inspection and sanitization companies in Charlotte, NC. Schedule service for your home or business by calling today at (888) 551-3831. We proudly serve Charlotte and the nearby areas of Mooresville, Winston-Salem, and all surrounding communities.



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