New Home Inspection

Common Issues Found During a Home Inspection

If you are planning to buy a new house or you have just bought one, you are probably focused on having your offer accepted and making sure the sale goes through. With all of the stress of house showings and negotiating sale price, you might have overlooked one important step in the home buying process: the home inspection. Most home buyers hire a home inspector to investigate and analyze a new home before closing. It is important to know the condition of the home that you are buying so that you do not encounter surprise issues that will cost a lot of money and headaches to fix. Here are a couple of common issues that the inspectors at Americas Choice Inspections find during home inspections so you will know what to expect when it’s time for your inspection. 

New Home Inspection

Mold and Mildew

If mold and mildew are found at the home inspection, the seller needs to address it immediately. Black mold can be toxic and needs to be professionally removed. Even small amounts of “safe” mold or mildew can be scary if you’re not sure of the source. For example, you might see a small amount of mold on the shower tile and assume that it is safe only to find out after closing that there is mold growing behind the tile and around the shower back to the walls and floor. Fixing a mold problem can be very expensive, so make sure any mold found is taken care of before closing.

Damp Basement or Crawlspace

Too much moisture in the basement or crawlspace is usually caused by a foundation issue such as poor drainage that funnels water toward the foundation. The inspector will examine the walls and floor for mildew and water damage. He can also use a meter to determine how much moisture is present in these spaces because moisture deteriorates building materials and attracts insects. If foundation leaks are found during the inspection, you can request that the seller fixes the problem, or you can negotiate the sale price down to account for the cost to fix it. 

Hire a Professional You Can Trust

Americas Choice is a trusted name in residential inspections throughout Charlotte, Asheville, and Mooresville, NC. Since opening our business in 2009, we’ve conducted over 1,000 inspections for homebuyers just like you. Feel free to read our customer reviews to find out what people are saying.

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