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7 Tips for Negotiating the Cost of Repairs After a Home Inspection: Part 2

Every home has its issues. Instead of being caught by surprise on move-in day, make an informed purchase with the help of Americas Choice Inspections. Our home inspectors will provide you with the knowledge you need to make an informed purchase. Plus, if you’ve included an inspection contingency in your contract, an inspection report enables you to negotiate the cost of repairs with the seller. Keep these seven tips in mind to enjoy better success at the negotiation table (see tips 1 through 4 in our previous post).

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5. Reality Check: Sellers Are Not Obligated to Negotiate Repairs

Motivated sellers are often willing to make reasonable concessions on the cost of repairs. However, sellers are not legally obligated to make any repairs to the home. As the buyer, you must decide how badly you want this house. Furthermore, ask yourself if you can afford to make the necessary repairs if the seller is unwilling to negotiate. Remaining objective and calm is crucial to making a wise purchase. 

6. Negotiate Graciously

As in all circumstances, kindness and respect are paramount to a successful negotiation. Approach the negotiation process with humility and gratitude rather than a sense of entitlement. Oftentimes, the repairs are just as much of a surprise to the seller as they are to you. Thus, they are likely not prepared to make costly repairs on a home that is no longer theirs.

7. Put Yourself in the Seller’s Shoes

It is easy to feel frustration and resentment toward the seller. Resist the urge to villainize the seller, however, and try to empathize with their situation. Sellers, much like buyers, have a lot of expenses and a moving deadline too. Many sellers are simply not able to spend the time and money to complete the repairs.  

Schedule an Inspection

Before purchasing a home in Charlotte or the Triad area, schedule a home inspection with Americas Choice. Our comprehensive whole-home assessment will provide you with a clear picture of the home’s condition and any necessary repairs. This knowledge, then, will serve as a powerful tool at the negotiation table. For more information, contact us at (704) 504-9798.

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