Pre-listing home inspection

4 Reasons You Should Get a Pre-listing Home Inspection

The decision to sell your home sets in motion a whirlwind series of tasks that need to be completed. You may feel as though you are in a constant race against time, but there is one thing you can do to get time on your side. At America’s Choice Inspections, our team can help you get ahead by completing a pre-listing inspection before your home even hits the market. Here are four reasons that you should opt for a pre-listing inspection before the crunch of the real estate transaction begins.

Pre-listing home inspection

1. Get a Head Start On Repairs

The buyer will likely order an inspection whether you get your own inspection or not, but with a pre-listing inspection, you can go ahead and complete any repairs that you will have to make regardless. This allows you to work within your own time frame as well as be in complete control of the repairs. If you wait until the buyer’s inspection, then they may decide to move on instead of waiting for repairs. They will be less likely to back out of the sale if they have a favorable report from their own inspection.

2. Improve the Value and Appeal of Your Home

Any repairs and improvements that are made to your home will only serve to help increase the value. The fewer issues that the buyer’s inspection finds, then the more likely you are to get the price you are asking. A home with a pre-listing inspection already completed will be more appealing to potential buyers as well when they are shopping for homes.

3. Price Your Home More Accurately

It will be harder for your realtor to accurately price your home when they don’t know the exact condition that it’s in. They typically base their price on other homes in your market, but the inspection could have a negative impact on the value and what a buyer is willing to pay. You don’t want an inspection to yield unwelcome surprises, and give the buyer leverage in negotiating the price down.

4. Earn the Confidence of Buyers and Agents

It’s not a stretch to say that any buyer will have more confidence in a seller who has already completed an inspection. They will see that you have nothing to hide. It will also allow your real estate agent to do their job more efficiently as well. A pre-listing inspection may just give you the competitive edge that you need to get your home sold quickly.

Schedule Your Pre-listing Inspection Today

If you are planning to list your home soon, don’t wait for the buyer’s inspection report to know what needs to be repaired in your home.  Contact us online, or call America’s Choice Inspections at (888) 551-3831 to schedule an inspection today with one of our experienced home inspectors for your home in the Charlotte, Triad, or Triangle area.

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